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  • AUG-2017 Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, CEDRD - Gurze Podcast Episode 47 titled: Anorexia: Genetic Predispositions, Minds and Temperament. Click on the link below for the podcast:
  • 2017: Eating Disorders in Special Populations: Medical, Nutritional and Psychological Treatments : Chapter 5-Nutrition Therapy: Evolution, Collaboration and Counseling Skills by Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, CEDRD.
  • Gurze 2015 Eating Disorder Resource Catalog. Article entitled: Perfectionism
  • Gurze 2014 Eating Disorder Resource Catalog: Article entitled: Listening Inward
  • Beyond Talk Therapy, Let’s Eat: The Use of Therapeutic Eating Events in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, Renfrew Perspective, Winter 2009.
  • The Seasoning of Age: Contemplating the Impact of Midlife Therapists on Treatment, co-authored with Vicki Paley, LCSW, BCD. Renfrew Perspective, Summer 2004.
  • Nourishing a Healthy Body Image: A Nutritionist’s Perspective, Renfrew Perspective, Fall 2002.
  • Development of the Therapeutic Process: Specialized Counseling skills for the Treatment of Eating Disorders and the Value of Supervision, contributing chapter to Monika Woolsey’s American Dietetic Association’s (ADA) manual: “Eating Disorders: A Clinical Guide to Counseling and Treatment.” 2000.
  • Journaling: A Writing Tool for Self-Awareness, AABA Newsletter, Winter-Spring 2000.
  • Nutrition and Eating Disorders: A Shared Journey, AABA Newsletter, Fall 1997.
  • Supervision Offers Insights to Break Through Barriers in Counseling. co-authored with Karin Kratina, MA, RD, SCAN Pulse, Winter 1997.
  • The Value of Supervision, SCAN Pulse, Fall 1996.
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