• Production Assistant for Dr. Don Show - March 1, 2013: 

    "The show went great. They easily could have filled a two hour slot. Sondra is a wonderful guest. We would love to have her return next year during National Eating Disorder Week.”"

  • Jenni Schaefer, author of Good Bye Ed, Hello Me, Recovery from an Eating Disorder and Falling in Love with Life: one of the acknowledgments in her book:

    "To Sondra Kronberg, I will never forget you as the first person who believed in me enough to fly me out of town to present to your group NEDA-LI. You started it all!"

  • Sandy Sarcona, Professor CW Post College, Brookville, NY:

    "The students didn’t want Sondra to leave. Sondra is a wonderful professional and I enjoyed having her come to speak with the nutrition students."